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J.H>S> Class of 1950 60th Reunion July 10, 2010

Front Row:  Left to Right
Hilda (Hillabrandt) Dustin, Audrey (Hesek) Hlozansky, Nancy (Dopp) Churchill, Margaret Friers, Joan (Van Derwerken) Sayer,
Alice (Lachmayer) Montgomery, Ann Heagle, Betty (Rulison) Dalleo, Joanne (Weaver) Riccitiello, Dorothy (Sweeney) Casey,
Nita (Pedrick) Bell, Patricia (Cerrone) Dudley, Bettye Lou (Cerrone) Chant and Mary Ann (Svec) Lambert.

Back Row:  Left to Right:
Maurice Sahut, John Dageenakis, Dick Liddle, Charles DeBevoise, Frank Gutta, Jerry Luck, Dick Brown,
Don Argersinger, Vincent Raneri, Jim Cleary, Barry Knapp, Milan Ralbovsky, Steve Otruba, Paul Manno.

CLASS PICTURE - Reunion 2005 -- 55th
Front Row L to R ...
Joan (Van Derwerken Kumpitsch) Sayer, Carmie (Leotta) Navaretta, (Ellie Shattuck) Bibens, Audrey (Hesek) Hlazonsky,
Nita (Pedrick) Bell, Joanne (Weaver) Ricitiello, Ann Heagle, Patricia (Cerrone) Dudley
Second Row L to R ...
Maurice Sahut, Mary Ann (Svec) Lambert, Margaret Friers, Betty (Rulison) Dalleo, Shirley (Nellis) Tull, Shirley (Andrews) Brant,
Hilda (Hillabrant) Dustin, Alice (Lachmayer) Montgomery, Paul Manno
Third Row (L to R) ...
Frank Gutta, Gerald Luck, Richard Brown, Richard Liddle, Richard Hatzenbuhler, James Cleary,
Barry Knapp, Danny Nellis, Donald Argersinger, Guy Pichozolo, John Dageenakis

CLASS PICTURE - Reunion 2000 -- 50th

• • Committee Members 2010 • •
Richard Brown, Jim Cleary, John Dageenakis, Paul Manno, Barry Knapp, Milan Ralbovsky,
Joan Allaire (Van Derwerken) Sayer, Alice Lachmayer, Montgomery
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Johnstown High School - Class of 1950
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Donald Newnham —

Steve Otruba —
William Piseczny –
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Dick Nolan —
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Florence (Roarick) Montierth -
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Ernest Schumann -
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Sayer —
Paul Vavruick –

Louise Walsh —
Verle Willis —

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Class Members - Brunch - Sunday Morning - July 16, 2000
Front Row: Pat Braemer, Pat Brossoie, Joan Van Derwerken, Joan Craver, Dan Nellis, 
Dave Olmstead, Maurice Sahut & Jerry Luck
Back Frank Gutta, Barry Knapp, Shirley Van Antwerp,  Roger Fusmer, Evie Mach, ? Ann Heagle, Ellie Shattuck,
Moose Ralbovsky, Carmie Leotta, Dick Brown, Joanne Weaver, John Dageenakis, Don Argersinger
Steve Judge, Jim Cleary and Dick Hatzenbuhler.


1995 Reunion - Breakfast Buffet Class Members present
Class Members at Brunch on Sunday Morning - July 16, 1995!!
I'll attempt to list them, if I have erred, please let me know & please help w/three!!!
Front Row (L to R):
Ann Heagle, Joan Craver, Pat Braemer, Joan Van Derwerken, Berry Cerrone, Pat Cerrone
Middle Row (L to R)
Maurice Sahut, Carmie Leotta, Joanne Weaver
Back Row (L to R)
Evelyn Mach, ?, Audrey Hesek, ?, ?, Don Argersinger, John Dageenakis, Bob Briggs,
Milan Ralbovsky, Dave Olmstead, Dick Brown and Frank Gutta?


 November 1949 - at the "Y" Pool -- these beauties are,
Front Row left to right:

Marilyn Empie, Mary Putman, Jane Ann Conroy, Sue Heagle, Flora McMartin, Rosemary Pazzaglia and Anne McBurney
Back Row Left to Right:
Shirley Nellis, Marcia Denkert, Sondra Myers, Vinnie Van Derwerken, Bettye Lou Cerrone, Arlene Argersinger,
Betty Ann Swears, Ann Heagle, Joan Van Derwerken and Patricia Brossoie


Pat Cerrone and?   Joan Van Derwerken?  
?. Pat (Cerrone) Dudley &?          --          ? Might be Joan (Van Derwrken) Sayer ?

   Nancy Olmstead (L) & Joan Van Derwerken Kumpitsch (R)
Joan (Van Derwerken) Sayer & Shirley (Van Antwerp) Lee -- Nancy Olmstead & Joan (Van Derwerken) Sayer

John Mach & Joan (Craver) Mach  •   Hilda (Hillabrant) Dustin and Dick McCann
 Sondra (Myers) McElroy            --            Sondra & Hubby

Marion Schuman                           Thanks to Bev Briggs for this one
                                                     From the Left:

Janet  Bauder, Frank Ruggeri, Jane Ann Conroy, Bob Briggs, Lucille Martin and Bob Kane

Marion Schumann - May 2010 (sent to Joan)

Marian Barter - Joan's 9th Grade Homeroom Teacher

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